Words and/as Things


Yaroslava Zakharova

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Cyrill Semenov This is not a poem


Danita Pushkareva


“Madam, in Eden I’m Adam/ Some men interpret nine memos/ Never odd or even Satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas/ Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era/ Ah, Satan sees Natasha”.

Sveta Gorlatova Chuku ckuku chu


I picture you in the sun

I paint your name on the road

Imagining my own castle,

Where pirates destroy my cake!

And Barbie with curly hair teaches me 

How to break up with boys.

I am crying because my sister has better toys.

But we have the same dress.

I am sitting on my Dady’s shoulders

I am afraid of spiders and darkness.

Chuku chuku chu

chuku chuku chu 

My dreams will come true.

Dear train, please stop!

My shoes are already small. 

I love my life in a very different period

as well


when bad

Rita Zygmantovich My Talisman

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.51.07 AM

My talisman is always with me.

my talisman

I know different sadness.

And scary : what if not do it ?

And let’s say that it is difficult to live ,

I know that the world knows how to love .

Keep me, my talisman

Keep me , my talisman

Maria Ivanova “On the other side of a pillow”


Your finish your day with it and you start your day with it

It carries your away to better worlds

It’s next to you and helps you dream

You can struggle with it or not

Anyway, you two will meet

If you are not a robot of course

Vera Fedorova October’s here already…


«October’s here already; the grove already
is shaking from bare branches its last leaves;
the breath of autumn begins to ice the roadway,
the stream still rushes gurgling past the mill,
but the mill pond is frozen; my sporting neighbour
hurries off with his pack to the far fields.
The winter corn suffers his boisterous pleasure,
his yelping hounds disturb the forest’s slumber.»


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