my  compassionate 

my merciful  

my king 

my holy 

my peace 

my caretaker  

my curator 

my mighty  

my irresistible 

my superior

my father  

my maker 

my moulder

my forgiver

my destructive 

my giver 

my provider 

my opener 

my critic 

my reducer 

my extender 

my humiliator 

my elevator 

my strength 

my weakness 

my reader 

my viewer 

my judge 

my straight

my gentle 

my aware 

my calm

my magnificent 

my all-forgiving

my grateful 

my sublime 

my grand 

my keeper 

my nourisher 

my reliable 

my awful 

my generous

my watchful 

my responsive 

my integral 

my wise 

my loving 

my glorious 

my resurrector 

my witness 

my truth 

my trustee 

my strong 

my firm 

my friend 

my star 

my computer 

my founder 

my restorer 

my finder 

my killing 

my reviving 

my real  

my precious 

my dignified 

my only one 

my unity 

my eternal  

my powerful 

my determiner

my near 

my far 

my first 

my last 

my manifest  

my hidden 

my patron 

my highest 

my goodness 

my ever-returning 

my correction 

my pardon 

my indulgence 

my king of kings 

my noble and large hearted

my fair 

my gatherer 

my needed 

my enriching 

my withholder 

my torturer 

my useful 

my light 

my guide 

my unique 

my immutable 

my owner 

my orienting 

my patient 


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