Shelley Jackson, Patchwork Girl

screen video

Olia Lialina, My boyfriend came back from the war

Ivan Khimin asciiticism

Netochka Nezvanova



Михаил Куртов, Курехин: вторая жизньscreen-shot-2016-11-14-at-2-08-06-pm


Anastasia Patsey, Hasir-Spandau Restaurant

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Sveta Gorlatova

Google story

My project is based on one of the most popular digital search system Google. I have found the principles of this system very similar to literature hypertexts: we can create our own story without following a linear narrative.

It is interesting what kind of stories people make there. The key point for Google surfers is engine/inquiry, because it is a place where story starts with. I have decided to research peoples’ most popular inquiries on Google. Suddenly I found a statistics about inquires of users from Ukraine in 2014. Three main questions are the beginning of surfing: why? How? What is it?

In my project the list of the inquiries has its own poetics. Sometimes the links are connected logically or in absurd way.

The concrete words in Google can say a lot about society and its conciseness. We see here banal things about healthy way of life or how to be successful or about selfie. The things about meaning of social nets and the problem of loneliness. But at the same time we also see a lot of political terms that became very actual in 2014 for Ukraine. Anyway I was surprised that one of the most popular combinations is “WHY THE SKY IS BLUE”. To my opinion, it proves that people will always care about the world, whatever happens.

By the way you won’t find the answers in my Google story, but only connections. The same situation happens with the search systems, where we can not be sure that you finally got the information you need.


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