Recent and upcoming language art exhibits

Recent exhibitions

31 May 2017 –  From Concrete to Spoken Wolds to Spoken Word by Andrea Bellini

17 November 2015 –  Intertext curated by Elizaveta Shagina

3 October 2015 – Транскрипция шума, Государственный Дарвиновский музей. Выставочный комплекс. Зал цокольного этажа

August  2015 – ELO 2015 Exhibition catalogue, Bergen, Norway

De-centering: Global Electronic Literature

June – August 2015, Цифровой поэт, Электромузей, Москва

Медиапоэтические машины, галерея-мастерская Сколково, Москва

May – November 2015 –  Ornamentalism, Arsenale Nord

February 2012 – Codings, Pace Digital Gallery, New York

Teksts=Attels, KIM, Riga, Latvia

Heaps of Language/Ecstatic Alphabets, MOMA, New York

June 2013 – Текстологии, Четверть, Спб

Words Unstable on the Table, Waterman’s Theatre, London

August 2013 – Emergence of Electronic Literature at University of Bergen Library, Norway

Monday Begins of Saturday, Bergen Assembly 2013 Guide PDF


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