Lesson 1. 17.02.2014

1. Free write: write for two minutes. Don’t stop.

2. Poetry: give your definition. Think of a metaphor for a poet.

3. Erasure projects:

Jen Bervin. nets, UDP, 2004l  from Process note:

“I stripped Shakespeare’s sonnets bare to the “nets” to make the space of the poems open, porous, possible—a divergent elsewhere. When we write poems, the history of poetry is with us, pre-inscribed in the white of the page; when we read or write poems, we do it with or against this palimpsest”.

Amaranth Borsuk, Jasper Juul, Nick Montfort The Deletionist, 2013 “The Deletionist is a concise system for automatically producing an erasure poem from any Web page. It systematically removes text to uncover poems, discovering a network of poems called “the Worl” within the World Wide Web.”

Further erasures:

Srikanth Reddy. Voyager.

Srikanth Reddy’s second book of poetry probes this world’s cosmological relation to the plurality of all possible worlds. Drawing its name from the spacecraft currently departing our solar system on an embassy to the beyond, Voyager unfolds as three books within a book and culminates in a chilling Dantean allegory of leadership and its failure in the cause of humanity. At the heart of this volume lies the historical figure of Kurt Waldheim—Secretary-General of the U.N. from 1972-81 and former intelligence officer in Hitler’s Wehrmacht—who once served as a spokesman for humanity while remaining silent about his role in the collective atrocities of our era. Resurrecting this complex figure, Reddy’s universal voyager explores the garden of forking paths hidden within every totalizing dream of identity.

Janet Holmes The ms of m y kin (2009)

Jonathan Safran Foe.  Tree of codes (2010)

Tree of Codes is an artwork, in the form of a book, created by Jonathan Safran Foer, and published in 2010. To create the book, Foer took Bruno Schulz‘s book The Street of Crocodiles and cut out the majority of the words. The publisher, Visual Editions, describes it as a “sculptural object.”[1]Foer himself explains the writing process as follows: “I took my favorite book, Bruno Schulz’s Street of Crocodiles, and by removing words carved out a new story”

Mary Ruefle. A Little White Shadow  

Christian Hawkey and Uljana Wolf. Sonne From Ort

SONNE FROM ORT is a bilingual collaborative erasure of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’sSonnets from the Portuguese and their en face 1907 German translations by Rainer Maria Rilke, published in Germany by Insel Verlag. These love poems to Robert Browning were written between 1845 and 1846 and published in 1850. The title purposefully suggested they were translations from the Portuguese in order to veil their personal content. For this edition, a further translation of the white-out redactions into graphic information was developed by book designer Andreas Töpfer.



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