Natalia Fedorova, PhD

Fields of Interest

Digital and Science Art

Digital Performance 

Language Art


October 2008 

PhD in Literary Theory Herzen State Pedagogical University, St Petersburg, Russia

Chair of Modern Russian Literature, Philological Department

Hypertextual Forms and Functioning of Their Units in Russian Literature of the 10s of XXth century – 10s of the XXIst century 

July 2004

MA in European Literature, Herzen State Pedagogical University, St Petersburg

Chair of European Literature, Philological Department

Hyperfiction as a New Literary Form

Vladimir Nabokov ”Pale Fire”, Julio Cortazar “Rayuela”, Italo Calvino “Se una notte d’inverno un viaggiatore …”, M.Joyce “Reach”

April – September 2003

Kyongpuk National University, Taegoo, South Korea

Korean Language and Culture.

2002 – 2003

French Literature, College Francais, St Petersburg State University, Russia. 


BA in European Literature, Herzen State Pedagogical University, St Petersburg

Dictionary-Dramatic Structure of Michael Joyce’s Hyperfiction “Reach”

Membership of professional and learned societies

Electronic Literature Organization (ELO)

Electronic Literature as a Model of Creativity in Practice (ELMCIP)

Translit Poetry Almanach, editorial board memeber


May 2020 –  Present

ITMO Art&Science Centre, Researcher

15 June 2017 –  Present

Language and Thinking Program Faculty, Bard College

30 September 2013 – Present

Associate Professor at Smolny College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, St Petersburg

St.Petersburg State University/Bard College

January 2013 – February 2013

Postdoctoral research, University of Bergen, Norway

Developing the Russian Electronic Literature Research Collection in the ELMCIP (Electronic Literature as a Model of Creativity in Practice) Knowledge Base.

Russian Electronic Literature Research Collection

August 2011 – January 2012

Postdoctoral research at MIT

Research on translation of electronic literature at Trope Tank, Writing and Humanistic Studies and Comparative Media Studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA)

Course title: Visual Poetic of Literary Form

July 2012 – Present

Poetry and technology column editor at Rattapallax magazine, New York

September 2012 – September 2013 

Lecturer at Smolny College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, St Petersburg, Russia

St.Petersburg State University – Bard College

Courses taught:

Posthumanism in Art (co-taught with Vladimir Orlov)

Machine Art and Art of the Machines

Science Art History

Text in Art

Creative and Uncreative Writing

New Media in Contemporary Art

Geographies of Sound (co-taught with Olga Toulomi, Maria Sonevitska, Emilio Distretti)

Biennale, Festivals, and Key Projects in Contemporary Art (with Olesya Turkina)

September 2006 – December 2012 

Associate Professor at Department of Foreign Languages

St Petersburg Technology and Design University

Grants and Awards

Short list of Kourekhin Prize 2014, 2016

April 2015  

Calvert 22 Foundation

101 Festival. Poetics of Digital Technologies

New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, Leningrad Centre, Ground Gallery

June 2014  

St Petersburg State University, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Budget of “Notes On and After Conceptualism”, an international conference.

January – September 2013


postdoctoral research grant at Bergen University, Norway


Fulbright Faculty Development Program

Postdoctoral research at MIT, Cambridge, MA



Nizhny Novgorod, Arsennalle, Russia



Feminist Interdisciplinary Studies Program, Denmark

Curatorial Projects

April 2019 – 101.Invisible Networks, Planetarium#1

Since 2014 until now – 101. Mediapoetry Festival, New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre

December 2018 – Redesign Desire, an exhibition project,  Nepokorennie Studio

13 April – 28 May 2018 – 101.Player Select, an exhibit of interactive narratives, Lermontov Library

7 May – 1 June 2018 –  Private life of radiofrequencies, Museum of Telecommunication, St Petersburg (co-curated with Sveta Gorlatova, Mila Vasilieva)

3-27 February 2018 – PERFORMA II, New Space of the Theatre of Nations

24 – 28 Jan – Culture of the Future Lab, Techne Platform, NCCA Moscow, member of a curatorial team

16 Dec 2017 – Track Track, Quartariata Gallery

10-27 Dec 2016 – con.txt, 2, 04 Gallery

12 April – 10 May 2016, 101.Formatting Memory, The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre,Smolny College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, St Petersburg State University, Vertical Gallery, Kourekhin Prize, long list

This is not a utopia/ Decentering: Global E-Lit, ELO 2015

6 August 2015 – 6 September 2015,  Stiftelsen 3,14, Bergen, Norway

101. Poetics of Digital Technology

4 – 12 April 2015, Leningrad Centre, New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, Smolny College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, St Petersburg State University

LEP (Laboratory of Experimental Poetry), Smolny College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Book chapters:

May 2017

Ванесса Плейс (пер. Н.Федорова), Поэтические чтения на Новой Голландии, Спб, 2017

December 2016

“Digital Lettrism: Alphanumeric orders” In Women in Techlit, West Virginia University Press

December 2015 

“Digitalni Lettrismy: Abeceda” In Tredit  Slova: Literatura a konceptualni tendence 1949 – 2015, Praha, 2015


May 2019

Федорова, Н.А. “Разыгрываемый архив”, НЛО №158 (4/2019)

October 2016

Это невозможно, но это реальность: матрица и праматерь. Рец на инсталляцию “Чего хочет сердце”, IX Berlin Biennale,  Художественный журнал

October,  2013

“Institutions for Creating the Real Time”


August 2013

“Monday Begins on Saturday or Give us the New”


Feb 2013

Time as Perspective: textual and sculpture films




Fedorova, N. “The first neuroopera ‘Noor’: transparent brain and the end of humanistic ethics?”, Russian Journal of Telecommunication, 2018

Fedorova, N. “Ether Island: Investigating sound movement correlations in a generative interactive installation”, BCS Learning and Development Ltd. Proceedings of EVA Copenhagen 2018, Denmark

March 2016

IDN: Poetics of Infrastructure. Translit #19

December 2014

“The Trope Tank: A Laboratory with Material Resources for Creative Computing”

Nick Montfort, Erik Stayton, and Natalia Fedorova. Texto Digital 10:2, pp. 53-74

January, 2014

“Where is E-Lit in Rulinet”

Cybertext Yearbook, University of Jyvaskyla

 Мау 2013

Common Differences

Interview with Charles Bernstein, Translit#13

 August 2012

Conceptualist Ostranenije: A dialogue between Derek Beaulieu (Canada) and Natalia Fedorova (Russia)

Jacket 2


«Carrying Across Languages and Codes»

By Natalia Fedorova and Nick Montfort 


«Creative Material Computing in a Laboratory Context»

By Natalia Fedorova and Nick Montfort

2 February, 2012

«What is Electronic Literature?»

Interview with Nick Montfort


12 December, 2011

Translation of  Three  Poems by Nick Montfort

New River


«Forms of Dialogization of the Word in Combinatoric Literature»

Translit. St-Petersburg

«Dmitry Golynko»

Dictionary of Russian Poets of the XXth century. St-Petersburg


«Semantic Associations of the Form of the Square in Visual Poetry»

Print and Word of St-Petersburg. St-Petersburg


«Literature after the Seventh Day.  Author  and Reader in Hyperfiction»

Bulletin of State Herzen Pedagogical University PhD Candidats Notebooks. 21(51)2007. St-Petersburg


«Literature after the Seventh Day. Reader in Hyperfiction»

Textology Summmer School Materials. St-Petersburg


«Literature after the Seventh Day. Author in Hyperfiction»

Author as Problem in Theoretical and Historical Poetics.  Collected works. Vol 2. Minsk


«Kinetism in Poetry. «Turnabouts» of Dmitry Avaliani»

Lake Techtology.

Collected works of the IV Textology and Sourcestudies of Russian Literature Summer School. St-Petersburg


«Flight Typography in Vassily Kamensky’s “Tango with the Cows” and M.Gorlov’s “Chelovekoaeroplan”».

Modern Russian and European Literature Development Problems

Collected works. St-Perersburg


«A Small Textological Utopia. Publishing Possibilities of Hypertextual Form»

Forest _ Textology. Collected works of IIIrd Textology and Sourcestudies of Russian Literature  Summer School . St-Petersburg


«Korean Visual Poetic Tradition and Concrete Poetry of the Second Half of the XXth century»

Literature as a Developing System. Issue 10. St-Petersburg


«Synaethesia in Alexander Dobrolubov’s Poetic Volume «Natura naturans. Natura naturata»

Materials of the International Avant-garde Summer School. St-Petersburg

Screenings and performances

15 November 2018 –  RR, Videoforma, Kourekhin Centre for Contemporary Art, St Petersburg

28 June – RR, National Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow

27 June 2018 –  General Rehearsal: Referential Realism, solo performance, General Rehersal, VAC Foundation, Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art

27 February 2018 – Machine Libertine, PERFORMA II

December 2017 – Machine Libertine, Gamma Festival, M-division

16 Nov 2017 – Machine Libertine, Intellectual Marathon, International Cultural Forum, General Staff Building, Hermitage

18 July 2017 – 99 Names of God, ELO 2017, Fernando Pessoa University, Porto, Portugal

15 February 2017 – LEP, BYOB, Совместное существование, St Petersburg

20 May 2018 – Чтение переводом Ванессы Плейс,  Поэтические чтения на Новой Голландии

10 October, 2016 – a poetry reading, Dannish Institute of Culture

2 October, 2016, Machine Libertine, Sonicology, Manezh, St Petersburg

27 August, 2016  – Taburetka Festival, Monchegorsk, Russia

18 May, 2016 – Noor, brain opera premiere, ISEA 2016, Hong Kong

12 April 2016 – 101, the instrument,   101.Formatting Memory Opening, The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre

31 October, 2015 Machine Libertine, The Museum Night, Lenin Museum,  Krasnoyarsk

6 August, 2015, Machine Libertine, Oste, Bergen, Norway

11 April, 2015, a mediapoetry performance, New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre

3 March, 2015

“On Language”, Danish Cultural Institute, St Petersburg

20 February ,2014

“Speaking Clock”, BYOB, Taiga Creative Space, St Petersburg, Russia

14 February, 2015

Laboratory of Experimental Poetry, Other Logics of Writing, Smolny College

8 December, 2014

Opening performance, Videoform Festival, Kourekhin Art Centre

October, 2014

Machine Libertine, Crosscontact Festival, Moscow

19 September, 2014

“On Art”,  a poetry reading,  REVERSE 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark

17 September 2014

Machine libertine,  REVERSE 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark

1 June, 2014

Machine Libertine, Mediapoetry Festival, New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre

20 May, 2014

Machine Libertine, Projections of Avantgarde, Media Art Lab, Moscow Manezh, Russia

1 April, 2014

Mayfly, a mediapoetry reading, Tarp, Vilnius

26 March, 2014

“to Mars”, a poetry reading, Danish Cultural Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

18 March, 2014

«Точное время» (Epigraphic Clock), Media-poetry Festival, NCCA Moscow

22 January, 2014

«Lost and Found», Media Poetry Festival, Open Stage, Moscow, Russia

16 December, 2013

“Machine Libertine”, Victoria Gallery, Samara, Russia

20 November, 2013

“Machine Libertine”, Juvaskala, Finland

27 September, 2013

“Machine Libertine”, Ultramarine Gallery

10 September, 2013

“Machine Libertine”, Digital Arenas series, Bergen Public Library

“On Art” (collected poems) in LIT New York, USA

March 15, 2013

Machine Libertine screening and performance at PBR, Los Angeles, USA

March, 2013

“Memory” in Rattapallax 21, New York, USA

April, 2013

“emotional minimalism”(collected poems) in “Black Holes of Letters”, Samara, Russia

23-28 November 2012

“Machine Libertine” at CYBERFEST, Hermitage 20/21, St-Petersburg, Russia

28 September, 2012

“Machine Libertine” at Samara: LITerART 2012, Samara, Russia

22 July, 2012

“Machine Libertine” at Festival of Poetry on the Island, New Holland, St-Petersburg

20 -23 June, 2012

“Machine Libertine” at ELO 2012: Electronic Literature Organistion Conference, Morgantown

10-12 February, 2012

“Machine Libertine”, Snow Queen vs William Blake, Interrupt II, Brown University

24 October, 2011

“Seeing and Writing: Russian Multimedia Poetry,” Purple Blurp at MIT

Workshops and Laboratories

January 2014 – teaching and performing at Laboratory of mediapoetry by Elena Demi-dova, Open Stage, Moscow

2015 – 2018 – LEP (Laboratory of  electronic/experimental poetry)

2016 – till now –  a part of Laboratory of Mediart, New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre

February 2018 – PERFORMA II, Theatre of Nations Moscow

May 2018 – Laboratory Culture of the Future, ITMO University

General Rehearsal: Referential Realism, a workshop based on the exhibition

September – December 2018 – Moscow Multimedia Museum of Marcel Broodhaers, a series of workshops as an hommage to artist’s four year project Musée d’Art Moderne, Garage Centre for Contemporary Art

Personal exhibitions

August 2016    

“Forms of Madness: Part I and Part II”, multimedia installation, 2,04 Gallery      

Collective exhibitions

“con.txt”,  Laboratory of experimental poetry works, 2,04, Museum on non-conformism, St Petersburg, Russia

“The End of Alphabet”, video projection,video Alex Antipin, Quartariata Art and Technology Residency

“Sorrel”, a video poem, video Alex Antipin, sound Taras Mashtalir, Formatting Memory, Vertical Gallery

“The Game”, video, with Sergey Katran, Until the Word is Gone, Vinzavod, Moscow

“Синдром Эльпенора”, Intertext, Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art

“Lost and Found”, a videopoem, Transcription of Noise, 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, 22 September – 1 October, 2015

“Двое” by Nick Monfort, translated by Natalia Fedorova, Digital Poet, Electromuseum, Moscow, 10 June, 2015

“Синдром Эльпенора”, a text generator, Медиапоэтические машины, Skolkovo Art Lab, Moscow, 30 April, 2014

“Опции слов” (with Elena Demidova), Skolkovo Art Lab, Moscow, 6 February, 2014

«Точное время» (Speaking Clock), video installation, Manifesta 10 Public Program, Vitebsky Railway Station, 27 September, 2014

«Точное время» (Epigraphic Clock), Media-poetry Festival, NCCA Moscow, 17-18 March, 2014

Whoever You Are, a video poem, Liberated Words, Bristol, 3 October, 2013

Snow Queen, a video poem, Gallerie DDDL: Locate the Text, ELO 2013, Paris, 23 – 27 September, 2013

In Norwegian, an audio installation, Bergen Public Library, Norway, 5 September – 5 October, 2013

In Your Voice, a videopoem, Media Arts Show, ELO 2012: Electronic Literature Organistion Conference, Morgantown, WV, 20 -23 June, 2012

Printed Poems

August, 2014

Collected poems in “Black Holes of Letters”, Samara, Russia


«Lost and Found» (gesture poem), Rooms for notes, Vienna, Austria

October, 2013

«Halfway Through» (code poem), III-Ill-Tempered  Rubyist, Proppolis Press

October, 2013

«On Art» (collected poems) LIT

April, 2013

“emotional minimalism”(collected poems) in “Black Holes of Letters”, Samara, Russia

April, 2013

“Machine Libertine (compilations), textsound 15,

March, 2013

“Memory” in Rattapallax 21, New York, USA

Conference Papers, Talks and Presentations

March 2018

Машинное искусство двадцатого века, цикл лекций, Новая сцена Александринского театра

16 February 2018

@Future_god_bot генеративные поэтики и вычислительное возвышенное, Новейшая русская поэзия и современное гуманитарное знание: типологическая перспектива, НГУ

4 February 2018

«Буквально возможное», Новое пространство театра наций, Москва

2 February 2018

«Буквально возможное: технологии и литература», Чтения будущего, Лермонтовская библиотека

29 November 2017

Дипломатия образа: необъективная фотография, VAC

23 November 2017

“Internet of Names. Jodi IDN”, Re-Trace, Danube University, Austria

29 August 2018

“Noor – a brain opera”, Bard College

6 July 2017

“Twining a narrative”, UBU Lab, Jagellonian University

28 February 2017

«Биоконцептуализм: есть ли жизнь внутри стихотворения», «Новейшая русская поэзия в цифровом окружении: динамика текстуальности»

16 December 2016

“Genres of Electronic Writing”, Jagellonian University, Kracow, Poland

9-10 December 2016

“Текст прозрачный, застенчивый и невидимый. Генеративные инсталляции на небольших экранах”, Третий цифровой коллоквиум:Знание на экране: новые режимы видимости в социогуманитаристике, РАНХИГС

7 November 2016

“Произведение как действие: вводная лекция о медиаискусстве”, Pro Arte Institute, St Petersburg, Russia

11 November 2016  

“Слово как действие: лекция о медиапоэзии”, Pro Arte Institute, St Petersburg, Russia

14 November 2016  

“Слово в действии: мастеркласс” Pro Arte Institute, St Petersburg, Russia

2 October 2016

“Voice in Space”, Sonicology, Manezh

12 April 2016

“Memory of Machines”, The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre

11 March 2016

“The Current State of Words”, State Hermitage Youth Education Centre

20 February 2016

“The Grammar of the Universe: The World as a Quantum Information System”, Quantum Entanglement, Laboratoria Art and Science Space, Arsenal, Nizhny Novgorod

18 November 2015

participating in ARTBIOLAB: Margins and Problems of Bioart

7 November 2015

“ABC of Image Object”, Art Criticism 2.0, Prague National Gallery

30 October 2015

Поэзия на КРЯКК. Опыт перехода. Наблюдения поэта, Krasnoyarsk Book Fair

14 September 2015,

“Collective Art of Play”,  round table moderating, Artprospect

2 September, 2015

“Sound Poetry: Lettrism and Poetics of Voice”, CYLAND educational program, Youth Centre of the State Hermitage

29 April, 2015

“Ocean of Sound: Objects and Space”,  CYLAND Educational Program, Taiga

24 April, 2015

“Ocean of Sound: Voice and Speech”,  CYLAND Educational Program, Taiga

12 April, 2015

“Technoeternity: What Will Remain After Us”,  moderating roundtable discussion

11 April, 2015

“Technologies of Language Art”, 101 Poetics of Digital Technology,  Alexandrinsky Theatre New Stage

15 March, 2015

“Laboratory of Experimental Poetry: Methodologies of  Teaching Digital Art”, Close Encounter of Digital Kind, Digital and  Visual Cultures in Liberal Arts, Bard Network, Istanbul, Turkey

7 February, 2015 

“Mediapoetry Machines”, Skolkovo Art Lab,

8 December 2014

“Digital Lettrism: Textoids vs Pictoids”, Bergen University

18 September, 2014

“ABCs of Dmitri Alexandrovich Prigov”

REVERSE International Poetry Festival, Copenhagen

11 August, 2014

“YpoetrY Media Art Lab: a Curatorial Statement”

Bury Art Musieum, Manchester, UK

18 June, 2014

“Postcommunist E-Lit”

ELO 2014: Electronic Literature Organization Conference, Milwaukee

1 June, 2014

“Technologies of Language Art”

Mediapoetry Festival, New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia

27 May, 2014

“Abstract Conceptualism of Ivan Khimin”

Notes On and After Conceptualisms, Smolny College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

St. Petersburg State University

20 May, 2014

“Technologies of Letterism”

Projections of Avantgarde,  Media Art Lab, Moscow Manezh, Russia

14 January, 2014

“Mediapoetry: a definition”

Media Poetry Lab, Moscow, Russia

16 December, 2013

“Digital Letterism”

Media Lab,  Aerospace University, Samara

19 October, 2013

“Becoming Multimodal: New Literary Practices and the Screen”

Computation, New Media and Language Studies at NJIT

4 October, 2013

“Russian E-Lit”

Ha!awangarda Literary  Festival, Krakow

5 September, 2013

“Mapping Russian E-Lit”

University of Bergen, Norway

16 June, 2013

“Russian E-Poetry”

E-Poetry Conference, Kingston University, UK

11 March, 2013

“Technologies of Conceptualism”

University of California, San Diego

9 March, 2013

“Carrying across Language and Code: Concrete Perl and The Two by Nick Montfort”

AWP Across Languages and Codes panel organized by Eireene Nealand, Boston, USA

28 January, 2013

“Russian E-Lit 1.0 – 3.0”

Bergen University, Norway

8 December, 2012

“Posthuman Philosophy in Arts”

College Francaise, St. Petersburg, Russia

23-28 November, 2012

“Current State of Poetry Generators”

CYBERFEST, Hermitage 20/21, St-Petersburg, Russia

1-3 November, 2012

“Russian Electronic Literature: Where Is It?”

ELMCIP: Remediating the Social, Edinburgh

1 October, 2012

“Current State of Poetry Generators”

Samara: LITerART 2012, Samara, Russia, 28 September

20 -23 June, 2012

“Literary vs Machines. Comments on artificial art myths”

ELO 2012: Electronic Literature Organistion Conference, Morgantown, WV

12-14 June, 2012

“Carrying across Language and Code” (with Nick Montfort)

Translating E-literature, Paris

30 May – 1 June, 2012

“Minimal Creative Systems. Through the Park, an Ellipsis System” (with Nick Montfort)

ICCC 2012 (International Conference on Computational Creativity, Dublin

4-5 May, 2012

“Russian Videopoetry in Kinetic Text”

Emergent Communities in Contemporary Experimental Writing, UC Santa Cruz

24 October, 2011

“Seeing and Writing: Russian Multimedia Poetry”

Purple Blurp D1G1T4L WR1T1NG series at MIT


Machine Libertine

multimedia poetry project co-founded with sonic artist Taras Mashtalir

Media-Poetry Lab 

Skolkovo Art Lab  – Open Stage Theatre, Moscow, Russia

video. abc 

Series of videopoetry screenings at Andrey Bely Centre, St-Petersburg, Russia


traveling videopoetry festival  2010-2012

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