Poetry generators

1. Go to the page.

2. “Page source” or “View source” so that you see the HTML (which includes the JavaScript). In Firefox, this can be done with Ctrl-U, or you can locate option on the menu, sometimes under Tools > Web Developer. All browsers have a similar option.

3. “Select all,” usually done with Ctrl-A (or on the Mac, Command-A).

4. “Copy,” usually done with Ctrl-C (or on the Mac, Command-C).

5. Open your text editor. “Paste” all of the HTML into the text editor with Ctrl-V (Mac: Command-V)

6. Save that file to the Desktop as “mine.html” – being sure to give it the “html” extension. If your operating system is configured to conceal file extensions from you, this is a great time to turn that off so you can see the “.html” that indicates a Web page and, later on, the “.py” that indicates a python file, not to mention the extensions that indicate text files and different types of image files.


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