07.09.2015. Class 1. Introduction

14.09.2013. Class 2. Electronic Literature.  Digital Media and Avant-garde Tradition. Remediation.

21.09.2015. Class 3. Image as a Text. Ideogramme and Calligramme. Pattern Poem.

28.09.2015. Class 4. Futurist books and painting

Class 5. 05.10.2015.  Surrealism. Arbitrarity of Linguistic and Visual Sign.

Class 6. Midterm show rehearsal

Class 7. 17.10.2015. Midterm show

 Class 8.  26.10.2015. Book as an Object: Artist’s Book vs Samizdat. Erased and Found Texts

 Class 9. 02.10.2015. Object as a Text. Class visit: Factory of Found Clothes.

Class 10.  09.11.2015. Letterism and Concretism. Image and Sound.

Class 11. 16.11.2015. Class visit: Александр Горнон.

Class 12. 23.10.2015.  Conceptualism.

Class 13. 30.11.2015. Class visit: Laboratory of Poetic Actionism.

Class 14. 07.12. 2015 Rehearsal

Class 15: 14.12.2015 Final Show


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